Last Sunday September 21st we were blessed with a visit by a dear brother and friend to us Toronto folks at Islam114. Br. Abdurraheem Green, an authority in his own respect as a Daee in the English speaking world, delivered a lecture titled, “The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and His Message” at Masjid Khalid Bin Al-Walid in Toronto. 

The aim of this exclusive event was to showcase the life of our beloved Prophet, Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). The life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was dedicated to conveying the message of Islam to the Non-Muslims. Every aspect of his life was a manifestation of this and after his passing it would be the obligation of those to follow him. 

This obligation is summarized for us in the Prophetic Hadith: “Convey from me, even one verse”. [Saheeh Bukhari]

But instead of speaking about Dawah the discussion of the night addressed another issue. 

Br. Abdurraheem began his lecture following Maghrib sunnah. As we set up the camera he made his way pass the rows of attendees, sat at his seat facing the crowd, and smiled a big smile. He surveyed the room, back to front, left to right. The attendees surveyed Abdurraheem waiting for him to speak. 

And when he did, he began with the praise of Allah & his messenger followed by the importance of straightening the lines and filling gaps. When I first heard this I wondered, great but what does this have to do with Dawah, with the amazing stories we waited for him to tell, with the objective of his speech? 

Sensing our confusion Abdurraheem turned towards the brothers before him, “Tell me brothers…what’s the importance of straightening the lines in Salah?”

A young man hesitantly raised his hand and replied, “To protect our prayers from the whispers of Shaytaan?”

“Yes but not the answer I’m looking for,” assured Abdurraheem before saying, “Don’t you remove the hadith: 

Prepare your lines – (repeated three times) – for by Allah you must straighten your lines or of a surety Allah will cause conflict between your hearts!” (Abu Dawud 657, Bukhari ta’liqan)

From this point onward Br. Abdurraheem spoke about proven psychological tests on the effect of body stance and the mind. Instead of speaking about Dawah, he spoke about unity and how without it all our efforts are lost as a community. 

“How can we call people to Islam when we don’t show love to each. Where’s the love brothers?” Abdurraheem asked before getting up to pull in any brother lingering on the outskirts of the hub closer together. 

We the next hour before Isha we spoke about unity and love for the one another. When I reflected on this I thought about the concept of Dawah and what drives those who do it. Ultimately it is the love and honest regard for other human beings that motivates them to share the guidance and mercy of the Quran. What about love and honest regard for our Muslims brothers and sisters? There haqq comes first but they have been forgotten.

All of us a some level feel like we can do more for this Ummah, and giving Dawah is one of the most important. At the same time Br. Abdurraheem’s lecture taught me to reflect on what I’m calling others to? A united family or a distant and indifferent group of people?

May we straighten our lines in salat, straighten our affairs with other, and straighten our consciousness of Allah so that He may straighten our hearts.

M. Bint Ahmed