All praise is due to Allah who sent messengers to Mankind in order to enlighten them and teach them about their Lord and creator. Peace and blessings be upon the seal of all prophets and messengers Muhammad, his kin-folk and companion. The purpose of this program (Dawah In The Diaspora Series) is to share with my brothers and sisters at Islam 114 Dawah group, my experience in the way of the Dawah and the dire need to boost the Dawah activities and efforts with extra input of an impetus and energy. Today, more than any other time, it’s essential to reach out to our brothers and sisters in humanity and extend to them a helping hand of harmony.

There has always been a constant challenge between the truth and falsehood since the pre-historic enmity between Adam (Eve) and Satan started following the advent of the latter’s rejection and renege against the command of Allah to prostrate to Adam. Thereafter, Satan together with his followers left no stone unturned to block the way of Allah through various means of deception. Some examples are the way to hell is paved with good attraction and the way to paradise with hardships and adventures. Similarly distracting and alluring those who seek the truth by portraying the truth in a derogative and prejudiced manner.

Millions of people on earth today are unfortunately left abandoned and stranded without the light, guidance, and straight path of Islam. Most are uncomfortable with the lifestyle they lead and the environment in which they are struggling to survive. Despite enjoying lavish and luxurious lifestyle, but they still feel to be living in a vacuum of restlessness, depression, frustration, anxiety, and worries.

It really reminds me of how the companion Salman AlFarisi ( the Persian ) embarked on a long and toiling spiritual journey in quest for Islam wherein he last settled and found moral and spiritual tranquility in Islam. Salman AlFarisi came from a background of Zoroastrian Persian Empire. Throughout his physical and spiritual journey, he sought refuge in other religions, but at last a Jewish Rabbi advised him to wait for the last prophet Muhammad who would appear in the Arabian peninsula.

In the non-Muslim world, Islam is either misunderstood or deliberately misinterpreted by the Media; nevertheless almost all have heard about Islam in one way or another. Despite the growing pressure and suppression on Islam, and the many attempts to satirize and defile its followers, it’s the infinitum wisdom of the creator that every such insidious and lethal attempt is on the contrary yielding positive impact. Simply it’s raising awareness of non-Muslims to curiously look into Islam and regain their lost birth-right (ISLAM).

In the non-Muslim world, specially the West, people are divided into different categories viz-a-viz eroded spiritual and moral pattern. In general, apart from the older generation, majority don’t subscribe to Christianity or any other religious orientation. Almost 90% of the younger generation in the West don’t care about religion at all. They lead a lifestyle far from spirituality and moral values. They have been captivated by the materialist aspect of life. Their understanding of Christianity is a stagnant and obscure perception void of the real sense of both spirituality and morality which does not make sense to them.

The vacuum created by the lack of spirituality and morality set in their hearts a burning desire for a safe haven, a shelter, a refuge, wherein they could get a solace for their psychological problems. Unfortunately being deprived and intentionally hidden from the relief, safety, refuge, ideal spiritual and moral values of Islam, they are being drifted along the notorious current in the tumultuous, turbulent, dark waters.

Trying to clutch to any life-saving straw, unfortunately they grab that offered by Satan in drinking, music, extra-marital relation, and drugs to solve the mind-numbing problems and fill the vacuum. Feeling unhappy with all the material sufficiency (wealth, women, wine), they subconsciously search for the only true and genuine solution, in other words, ISLAM. Being victim of the preposterous ( the poison in the honey ) solution prescribed for them by Satan, however their inner conscience conjures up for them the ideal spiritual and moral values lying somewhere and the need for it.

On the footsteps of Salman AlFarisi, where an innate tendency dictated to his soul to set off on a long journey in search of Islam, likewise does instinctively the non-Muslim seek for Islam. Intuitively he recognizes the definition of the ideal spirituality and moral values, as happiness, tranquility, peace, and freedom from all vice and evil addictions, but he does not know where to find it.

This is where Islam 114 Dawah group steps in to introduce Islam, to their brothers and sisters in humanity which is the authentic source and fountain-head of the ideal spiritual and moral values. We recognize this obligation more than ever before and we are making strives to stretch this invitation, this call to Islam everywhere God willing.

Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair exhortation, and argue with them in the best way possible. Your Lord surely knows best who has gone astray from His way, and He knows best who are the rightly guided [Chapter 16, Verse 125; Quran].

In the next blog post, I’ll highlight on the manners and methods of Dawah to Islam, patience being the best virtue, the required approach ( put yourself in the shoes of a Doctor who administers a dosage of definite remedy for a patient with fatal disease, the patient resists the bitterness of the medicine at first but at the end its’ for his own survival ). Sieving the poison out of the honey necessitates the addict to temporarily struggle with the weaning, but when the pure honey only (ISLAM) remains, it’s an everlasting bliss of happiness and inner peace.