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Islam114 is centered in our mission of making those who love Islam, love others and serve the world through Dawah.

What is ‘Dawah?’

Dawah is Arabic for “to call” or “to invite” to Islam. At Islam114 we appreciate our guests and strive to put forth the best invitation. We’ve equipped our website with tons of resources for all walks of life to benefit.


Learn About Islam

Interested about Islam and want to learn more? Check out our Learn section where you’ll find multiple articles on a range of topics plus over 50 translations of the Quran; the holy scripture of Islam.


New To Islam?

If you are a New Muslim or you just want to touch up on some basics click here for our ‘Basics of Islam’ page. Whether you want to watch a video on ‘How to Pray’ or listen to the recitation of the Quran we’ve got you covered. 

Serve Islam

Do you want to convey the noble message of Islam? Giving Dawah is easy and a very rewarding act. Click ‘Serve Islam’ under our Projects section to get started today! 

And let there be [arising] from you a nation inviting to [all that is] good, enjoining what it right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be successful.


The Holy Quran, 3:104

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