Samosas, pakoras, mandasi and medjool dates. It’s that time of year again.

The Holy Month of Ramadan.

One of the awesome things I love about this blessed month is that we spend quality time with our family and friends over Iftar. We spend time preparing different plates of our specialty foods for these daily gatherings. So much so that the month of fasting sometimes feels like a month of feasting.

The Prophet ﷺ knew about our nature so well, which is why he said: “There are two joys for the fasting person: the joy when he breaks his fast, and the joy of when he meets his Lord.” – [Sahih Muslim 1151]

The other day, in the middle of whisking Iftar together with my mother, I overheard the voices of our neighbours through the window. They were commenting on the awesome smell floating from our kitchen. And that’s when it hit me. We’ve shared plates of food with our neighbours before but why not something more special for a more special occasion like this?
As Muslims, we’re often seeking ways of opening communication between us and our neighbours. What more can we do to share the humble message of Islam? In the 2nd year after Prophet Muhammad ﷺ’s migration to Madinah, Allah subhanna wa ta’ala revealed that the Muslims would observe fasting for the entire month of Ramadan. Rasulullah ﷺ taught us while we abstain from feeding the body sunup to sundown we are to give special focus on nourishing the soul. Prayer, charity and reflecting over the Qur’an are all ways of reviving our spirituality.
Apart of reviving our spirituality is sharing Islam with others. Any time is a good time for Dawah but especially now. Here are some tips on how to share Ramadan with our neighbours.
#1 Send Snacks
Prepare small platters of finger foods like Samosas, pakoras, dates etc and distribute them. You’re welcome to include a little note saying what Ramadan is all about. Or you can save the information for a follow-up conversation.
#2 Have Iftar Together
Extend an invite for Iftar at your place. Not only will this make your neighbours feel welcome but they’ll get to experience what it’s like to break fast and pray Maghrib. If you can’t host this at your house…why not invite them to a community Iftar at the local masjid?
#3 Make it an Occasion
Place Ramadan Mubarak signage at the front of your door along with a blurb on why it’s so special.
Some people have no idea about Ramadan. As Muslims we know it is the month where Allah’s mercy blankets the earth. It is when Allah subhanna wa ta’ala gifts us with the opportunity of forgiveness and entrance into paradise. These are a just a few examples of how we can spread the word. If you have more ideas let us know.