Our Projects

Take a look at some of our recent projects and get passionate about inviting to Islam too!

Three groups of people engage with Dawah. Those who initiate the conversation, those listening to the conversation, and those who after inner contemplation have accepted Islam. Whether you are a Daee (Caller to Islam), a member of the wider community, or a new Muslim we have arranged this site and our events in order to educate, engage, and empower you. We educate through our training seminars and community lectures on the art of presenting Islam authentic and unbiased way. We engage our wider communities about Islam by offering Islamic material, organizing community functions, and through one-on-one consultations/info sessions. We empower new Muslims, the precious additions to our communities, through our social gatherings and our ‘New Muslim Series’ were we cover basics of Islam. 

New Muslim Program

We provide spiritual, financial, physical, and emotional support to New Muslims. After a deep inquiry many people accept for their own religion. Our goal at Islam114 is to offer New Muslims the support they need to establish their new identity through regulated classes, emergencies housing and funds for those who require it.

Distributing Dawah Materials

We provide reliable and authentic Islamic material to the outer community. Online you can find tons of articles and multimedia on Islam and 60+ translations of the Qur’an. We also offer outreach through Masjid open houses, one-on-one info sessions on Islam, and much more.

Dawah Training

We provide the necessary knowledge for Muslims to be successful ambassadors of Islam. This is done through Dawah training workshops and community development programs. These seminars push Muslims to move from speaking about Islam in a passive or sometime timid manner to confidence in their religion.